Changing password without knowing old password

State Resolved
September 15, 2019
Issue ID -hfh3QsBW
Asset Web application
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Reported at September 10, 2019
Reporter Undisclosed
Severity Low
Visibility Complete
Weakness CWE 620 - Unverified Password Change


It is possible to change the user password without knowing the current one by using
/auth/setPassword endpoint instead of /auth/password.
Impact - By intercepting and changing the request, with a valid token, the user could change his password without knowing the current one.

Step by step - Scenario

  1. Using proxy intercept password change request (use anything for old password field).
  2. Change endpoint from /auth/password to /auth/setPassword.
  3. Change POST data to (where 'MyNewPassword' is the new password you want)
  4. Send the request.


The current password is required to be entered when changing the password.


A valid token is required.